Twice the Man

Double shoes & double hat.
Double shoes & double hat.

When I first started wearing them in public, a 3 year old in his stroller was very interested, and smiling.
He puzzled over what I was wearing. I gave him the simple answers: for height and for fun. After a short pleasant discussion, and then a few minutes, he came to a decision and said: “I hate double shoes“.
Remarkable, innocent and direct, as you’d hope from a young child.
The odd shoes were ultimately a challenge to his sense of what the world should be. Unable to hold and balance both this ‘disturbance’ and the regular world in his mind at the same time, it was simpler for him to declare that he hated the disturbance and be done with it.
His father and I both chuckled at the boy’s honesty, and the family moved on.
The boy’s comment is valuable because, in a way, he speaks for all of us with his honesty. We often can’t be bothered by extraneous unnecessary information that doesn’t help our utilitarian mission; whatever we’re working on at the time. Even on a primary level the boy was ‘working’, essentially sitting in the stroller and spacing out. His spacing out was too important to accept my spacing out.
As if art that gets in the way is bad.
So, what art doesn’t get in the way?

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